Want to offer a healthy and exciting benefit to your company and employees? Check out our Corporate Memberships.

Employee Benefits

– Promote health & wellness
– Provide sustainable transportation resource
– 24/7 access to 250 bikes city-wide
– Track calories burned, miles traveled,
money saved, CO2 emissions reduced

Membership Level Number of Employees Price Per Employee Type of Membership
Tier 1 5-20 $59 Annual
Tier 2 21-35 $49 Annual
Tier 3 36-50 $39 Annual
Tier 4 51+ $29 Annual

The company will only pay for the members who are enrolled in the program and will be charged up front for the amount of employees who initially sign up, and then billed accordingly on a monthly basis if the amount of members increases or decreases.

*Extra fees are charged to the individual when a member exceeds the daily riding time (one hour), locks a bike outside of a station or system area, checks out a second bike, or loses or damages a bike.


  1. Enroll 

    If you are interested, please fill out our enrollment form here. Choose the membership level that fits the needs of your organization.

  2.  Sign

    We will send you an agreement to review and sign.

  3.  Promote

    We will send you everything that you need to share this exciting new benefit with your employees. This includes informative marketing materials and your own dedicated signup URL.

  4. Manage

    The point of contact designated in your organization’s enrollment form will receive monthly usage reports and invoices as needed based on the number of employees who sign up. This person will also approve all of the accounts for the organization if desired.

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